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Achieve a Sense of Peace, Serenity, and Control With a Newly Organized Space

Learn more about what I do as a home organizer servicing Denver, Boulder Metro Area

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Why Hire a Professional Home Organizer?

Are you overwhelmed by the clutter in your house and don’t know how and where to start tidying it all up? Do you have extra space that you can’t use? Is it hard for you to find things when you need them? Perhaps you’re embarrassed to have company over?

Savvy Harmony - home organization solutions is here to bring back harmony and cohesion to your living space. I have been cleaning residential properties in and around Broomfield for more than 3 years and have decided to add home organizing to my services.

Benefits of Getting Organized

  • Saves you time
  • Reduces the feeling of being overpowered
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Gives you a sense of control

  • Helps you save money (by preventing the re-purchase of items one cannot locate)
  • Gives you more time to do what you love


The Savvy Harmony Process 

Phone Consultation - Free

Talk to clients regarding their vision of the project and answer any questions clients may have.

In-person Consultation - $20 (due 24 hrs. before appt.)

Walk through your project, assess your needs, and talk about your priorities.

Planning and/or buying Product

Develop a personalized organizing solution for your belongings. We will consider what you own and what you actually have room for. We will review items which can be repurposed and determine items that purchased within the clients' budget.  Once we finalize a plan, I get to work.

Creating Harmony

My role is to transform clients' disorganized homes into clean, neat, and functional spaces. I handle everything from sorting, organizing, dropping off donations, and bagging up trash. By the end, everything I address, shall have its own place.

Rates and Packages

$45/hr.   (Reg $60)

Packages (Discounted rates) 

4 hrs. for $172

10 hrs. for $420

24 hrs. for $960

Call / Email for customized pricing.

Hours can be split however necessary.  3  hr. minimum per session. 48 hours cancellation notice before session date is required.

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